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Looking for More in Life?  Explore the World Around You!


Exploring the street art in Palisade, CO

Approaching life as an exploration of the world has changed our lives!  This blog is dedicated to helping you discover how living as a casual explorer can change your life, too.

What does it mean to be a casual explorer, and why is it so important?  Casual explorers are regular people who work for a living, but, instead of living to work, they work to live and spend the rest of their time really living: going for a hike, discovering new experiences and new products, keeping a minimal home base so they can expend their resources on travel and exploration.  While seeking new experiences, casual explorers find the abundance of our amazing world.


A day trip took us to “Island in the Sky” in Canyonlands Nat’l Park

In this blog, we offer you some of the information you’ll need to explore the world around you.  Whenever we set out to explore the world, we look for advice from those who have gone where we are going.  Sometimes, there’s great information; other times, there’s little information; and, sometimes, there’s misinformation.  So…we decided to add our voices to the information that’s available, in hope that it will help you in your journey of exploration.

Why would you care what we have to say?  That’s a good question.  And the answer is all about who we are.  We’re the Bartons, a family of regular working people, probably people very much like you, who seek more to life than what we do from 8 to 5 everyday.  We explore in our “spare time”.  We enjoy exploring the world around us, and we enjoy sharing our explorations of the world around us.   Sometimes we explore very near our home in Grand Junction, Colorado, and sometimes we explore much further away.


We explored on the Big Island this year for our 20th Anniversary.


We hope you enjoy exploring with us and that you will share thoughts and experiences of your own explorations with us!


– Brad, Susan, Cole and Josh