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Our family is a board and table game family.  We like everything from a (very competitive) game of Pinnochle (our whole family) to a more relaxed game of Ziggity (usually my youngest son and I).  Brad and I have raised our kids with these kinds of games, and while we have a lot of fun, it has been an incredible way for our kids to learn to read and practice math as well.  We have a pretty good feel for what games are good for various ages and stages of children, and Brad is fairly remarkable in his ability to pick out a game to play with people based on his knowledge of those people (ie my parents when they come into town).  (Recently we learned about a game store in our community where the owner has an incredible gift at this as well, so you can imagine how it’s become one of Brad’s favorite go-to places…..yes, we will eventually review that store….thejesterscourt.com.)

We hope to review a broad array of games for you, so you have an idea of what to go out and buy for yourself and/or so you know how to pick out a gift of a game for others.

Get out there and EXPLORE board and table games!  Enjoy your time with friends and family.