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I am not going to say that basketball has always been a sport that I have loved. Actually, basketball was something that I despised until a certain age. I think it was when I was about 10 years old that I had an interest in basketball. A big reason that basketball had never sparked an interest for me, before this, was because of my lack of ability to get the basketball high enough that it might even hit the net. I have always been stubborn, and competitive and for “little Josh” it was the basketball’s fault that it would not get to the net. It was an act of war that the basketball refused to go into the net for me. So, instead of trying to get better as a kid, I would just watch as my brother and dad played basketball. This feud continued until (like I said earlier) I was about 10 years old.


One day as my family and I were at my cousin’s house, my brother, dad, and cousin (who was at the time a high school basketball player) asked me if I would like to play some basketball. I accepted their invitation because my competitiveness overruled my personal vendetta. I did not really contribute to the basketball playing; however, I was amazed to watch my cousin play basketball. From that moment on I decided that no matter what, one day I would be as good as him at basketball.



Fast forward 4 years and I have had a basketball in my hands ever since. Basketball is no longer a thing of just competitiveness though, as it has now turned into a love and passion of mine. That is why I am here writing in this blog, so that I can share what I know about basketball and maybe even share some funny stories along the way. In this blog about basketball I will review basketballs, basketball courts, basketball shoes, and any other basketball related topic that catches my eye.


This blog  is aimed at people who want to EXPLORE the possibilities of all that basketball has to offer.  I hope that you enjoy this blog and that it encourages you  to explore basketball in your own individual ways, and please share it with anyone else you think might be interested in exploring basketball!