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The Dixie Cup, brought to you by Jitterz and modeled by Cole.

Why would a blog about exploration have a page about coffee?

Mostly because I can’t get started in any exploration without a caffeinated beverage, and I don’t drink anything with sugar in it, so I’m pretty much left with coffee and tea as my options.  No disrespect to tea – I love a good cup of tea – but coffee has become my go-to-beverage (aside from water, of course.)

And then…a couple of years ago I was diagnosed with a medical condition for which my doctor recommended that I drink no more than two cups of coffee a day (thank goodness he didn’t specify the size of the cup!), and that recommendation has made the quality of each and every cup I drink that much more precious.  It’s amazing how much more a resource matters when it becomes limited in availability!

Fortunately, I live in the Grand Valley!  There are tons of great coffee options for all the explorers out there.  There are full sit-down coffee shops for when I’m in the mood to chat with Susan or get some work done; there are what I call espresso shacks for when I’m on the go; and, there are even a couple of coffee roasters in the Valley, where I can get my fix of the scent of coffee, a cup of coffee, and an excellent bag of beans all in one stop.

Enjoy reading about my quest to find the perfect cup of coffee for every occasion, and the right place to get it.