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Hard Cider

While touring the vineyards of the Grand Valley, we discovered something new to us and related to wine and beer: hard cider.

We don’t drink, if any, beer because our bodies don’t respond well to the gluten in beer.  However, we haven’t had the same problems with cider.

On our travels, we’ve discovered a resurgence in hard cider in the United States.  (I use the word “resurgence” because hard cider was more popular than beer in the early years of our nation’s history.)  Now, much like craft beer, you can fairly easily find craft ciders: ciders that taste like Belgian beer, ciders that taste like IPAs, ciders that taste like pineapple and pumpkin pie and cherries, etc.

We enjoy craft ciders so much, we decided to make our own.

Posts on this page will review all things related to hard cider, including Brad’s efforts to craft his own hard ciders.