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Movie are reviewed all the time; from the time they come out until years later when people are still watching them. Critics reviews hardly ever seem to be anywhere close to what the rest of the world was thinking about the movie. Then you have people who go and watch the movie for fun and give it a review based on what they thought. I prefer to look at audience reviews myself before going to see a movie.

One issue I have with regular people’s interviews is that while they seem to be a little more on point, they can still be affected by what critics or the media say about the movie. Luckily most people don’t fully adopt what the critics say and or just don’t care or hear about them. It’s important to learn a little bit about a movie ahead of hand and see if it is worth watching. It would be painful to pay $12 for a movie that seemed to be produced by high schoolers. It’s also good to take what you hear with a grain of salt.

My reviews are not intended to be perfect for everyone. They are strictly my thoughts and research on the movies I watch. I have watched tons of movies and tv shows in the last few years. I have a collection of a couple hundred that I have seen too many times to count. I will review both those and new movies that come out. My preference is typically action and adventure, comedy, and political thriller. However I have watched movies of nearly all categories and wouldn’t mind reviewing some of those if people are interested enough.

I like to give my thoughts on the movie in general, but then I find myself talking about the deeper plots and genius things done by the movie creators and actors. If there is a lot of tension behind a movie it would not be uncommon for me to talk about that. I find that movies can be well done and get no credit, but they can also be of poor quality and for some reason get great reviews. These reviews won’t be perfect, I just hope that they will open people’s eyes to see that there is more to the movies than they might think.

Feel free and get in touch with us if you want specific movies to be reviewed and we can get to those as quick as possible if we are able. You may or may not like what we have to say about the movies. We all have our own opinions, never let others affect your own too much. Watch the movies and decide how good they are for yourself!