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I am by no means a whiskey expert.  I most definitely do not have a refined whiskey pallet.  What I am is a regular guy – a casual explorer – who enjoys a glass of whiskey some nights.

Why whiskey?  It’s a good question.  For most of my adult life, I enjoyed wine.  I learned about the different grape varietals and wine-making regions of the world.  I did my best to learn the nuances of wine tasting.  Unfortunately, I could never quite master the art of saving a bottle of wine, and, as I aged, I couldn’t drink enough wine in one sitting for buying bottles of wine make sense.  Sure, I tried the boxed stuff.  And it was pretty good, but the variety of available boxed wines didn’t satisfy my desire to explore ever more types.

So…I searched for a new drink of choice, and I settled in on whiskey, mostly bourbon.  For me, whiskey offers enough flavor and a wide enough range of variance in flavor to satisfy my desire (maybe need) to explore.  Plus, a bottle of whiskey doesn’t go bad by the time I can finish it.

As I mentioned within the  broad category of whiskey, I primarily drink bourbon.  It could have something to do with my wine drinking days and my affinity for tasting the oak in a bottle of spirits.  I also rather enjoy tasting the grains involved.

If you’re looking for whiskey reviews and tasting notes from a regular guy who happens to enjoy a good glass of whiskey (instead of an expert who will proclaim the whiskey contains flavors you will never find on your own), you’ve come to the right place. – Brad