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My Grand Valley exploring crew!

My family and I have lived in Grand Junction, CO for almost 4 years now. It was soon after moving here that I told Brad, “I think my soul has found its home.” I love the valley. The weather is moderate. The mountains are close. I can easily escape into nature. And, we intentionally chose to live in a home from where we can walk to work, my youngest will be able to walk to high school next year, my oldest will be able to walk to college next year, we can walk to church, we can walk to the market, we can walk to the library, we can walk to the art center, we can walk to the park, and we can walk to downtown! (Don’t get me wrong, we occasionally use our car but we try to walk as much as possible.) When driving, the traffic is never bad. (Others will tell you something different, but I don’t think they’ve lived outside of Grand Junction! We’ve lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Indianapolis, San Antonio, the St. Louis, MO area and several smaller towns as well.)

Sometimes I think that it takes someone from outside of a community to see a place with “new eyes,” eyes longing to discover new things, and that is what we hope to do for you, with regard to the Grand Valley. In future posts we will be writing about everything from more specifics about downtown, to local parks, to hiking trails, to restaurants, to services (hospitals, schools etc) and more.

We hope you enjoy exploreblog.net and all that we have to offer. Feel free to share our website with your friends and family. Most importantly, however, is that we inspire you to get out there and EXPLORE the Grand Valley! (A great map of the Grand Valley can be found at: http://www.visitgrandjunction.com/sites/default/master/files/GRJ-RipReadMap_030413.pdf).