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The Bunnies at he Beginning- White and Black

Magic tricks have been a part of my life for as long as I can remember.

I remember as a child taking annual trips to Colon, Michigan, where my father’s parents and brothers lived, and where Abbott’s Magic Manufacturing Company was the most prominent feature – to me – in town, and which is known to this day as “The Magic Capital of the World.”  I remember as a child watching my father and his brothers perform magic tricks and shows for me and even teaching me how to do magic tricks.   I remember as a child being a member of magic-trick-of-the-month clubs.  I remember as a child watching Doug Henning perform illusions on television and dreaming about becoming a professional magician myself.

During my teenage years, I remember carrying a deck of cards around my high school and practicing all manner of card manipulations in between classes.

But it wasn’t until my oldest son had his fourth birthday that, in my mind, I became a magician.  We were living in Fort Worth, Texas, and I decided to perform a magic show for his birthday party.  I dusted off my old books about magic tricks, raided my parents’ house for tricks and apparatus I had when I was a child, and went to the local magic shops (there were several in Fort Worth back then) to find some new material.  I really enjoyed performing, and I really enjoyed the reaction of my son’s friends.

From that time on, I built my repertoire of tricks and books and apparatus and all things magic.  My dad has been a great help in this endeavor, keeping me supplied with enough new material to develop a whole new show every year.

In this portion of the Explore Blog, I’ll share with you:

  • Reviews of my favorite magic tricks and books on magic;
  • Reviews of my favorite mentalism effects and books (I consider mentalism and magic to be related but not the same);
  • Some of my thoughts on being a part-time magician (it’s not my day job);
  • Reviews of the best resources I’ve found for honing the crafts of magic and mentalism;
  • Descriptions of my own personal take on certain tricks, along with subtleties I add to them.

I hope through my writings in this portion of the Explore Blog to enrich your own experience and expression of magic, whatever it may be. – Brad

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