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Explore Photographs as Creative Writing Prompts


Photography is a passion of mine. I think it was my dad who instilled this passion in me. He was so proud to be able to loan me his camera to use for my first college photography class. (It was a film camera and I fell in love with the dark room!) I have taken classes here and there through the years, but have really not done much with it.

In addition to that passion, I have long enjoyed creative writing. Brad bought me my first Sarks journal, http://www.amazon.com/Sarks-Journal-Play-Book-Place/dp/0890877025, soon after we were married, and it re-sparked a desire within me to write.

Marry these two interests together and you have what this blog will be about: Photographs as  Creative Writing Prompts. Weekly I will post a new photo or two and I encourage you to sit with a journal (or whatever works for you) and begin to write about whatever the picture calls forth from you. Sometimes I might add beginning sentences, or words to include in your writing, or other such things, but you are obviously able to take or leave those!

I hope you enjoy exploring your creative writing side, and feel free to share with whomever else you think might enjoy it! Now, get out there and EXPLORE the photos I post, and your own photos, and enjoy getting in touch with your creativity while writing! – Susan