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@ Pablo's Pizza in downtown Grand Junction, CO

When I was a teen I was once voted “the strangest dresser.” Why do I tell you this? Well, I think it is in my DNA to march to the beat of my own proverbial accordion! “Why would I want to look like everyone else?” I often ask my husband. So, now it has become a joke to him and he’ll often say, “My wife is easy to shop for…. if only I could get to a tiny village in France!”

What can I say? I like unique items. As a result I appreciate shopping at small businesses that seem to have more interesting offerings.

I also like to support small business owners (even when their offerings are not particularly original) because I think they get a raw deal in this country and I want to help a sister (or brother) reach their dreams!

In this blog you’ll find my thoughts on many small businesses. You’ll recognize a bias initially because I will begin by reviewing the businesses of many of my friends! Eventually I’ll run out of those and then I’ll begin reviewing small businesses in my current place of residence (the Grand Valley, CO), small businesses that I come across online, and others that I happen to visit on my travels!

I hope you enjoy my reviews of these small businesses, but mostly I hope that you get out there and EXPLORE these businesses online, for yourself, and other small businesses you come across on your day to day adventures! – Susan